Ecological Contracting & Mitigation


Ecological Contracting is an integral part of development schemes where protected species or habitats are present. Our specialists are able to provide expert advice on Ecological Mitigation, Biodiversity Gain, and Ecological Enhancement. We understand that there are time constraints with regards to development schemes, which is why we  work hard to ensure that this element is delivered and fits within the timescales of your projects. We can do this by getting to you quickly and offering the best advice to avoid time delays, whilst also adding value and having an overall positive effect on the ecology and biodiversity of the site.

Ecolibrium offer the following forms of mitigation and Contracting:

  • Great Crested Newt & Reptile Fencing for Site Isolation

  • Protected Species Trapping and Translocation

  • Wildlife Pond & Lake Creations

  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECOW)

  • Hibernacula Construction

  • Tree and Hedgerow Planting

  • Tree Protection Fencing

  • Grassland Translocation

  • Wildflower Meadow and Other Seeding

  • Bird and Bat Box Installation

  • Artificial Badger Sett Construction

  • Water Vole Fencing



We have specialist experience in the design and delivery of a wide range of in channel restoration and habitat works for riparian landowners. For our projects to be successful we ensure that the utmost thought goes into the planning stage before any works can be implemented and maintained.

Ecolibrium works closely with the Environment Agency and Natural England to ensure that all of our projects have minimal impacts on the natural environment and follow current environmental law and policies.


We undertake projects for individual clients on private land and estates with services ranging from:

Erosion Control and Bank Protection

Fish Passage Easements

Fish By Pass Channels

River Dipping Platforms

Aquatic and Marginal Planting

Invasive species control

Bed Level Raising


Channel Narrowing

Flood Plain Re-Connection

Installation of flow deflectors

Course woody debris (CWD) and Large woody debris (LWD) installation

Riffle Creation

Weed Cutting

Wetland Scrape Creation

On line and off line Ponds


Wildlife Ponds

Not only are wildlife ponds an attractive feature but they also support a wide range of species which rely upon them. Ecolibrium can create a variety of ponds for specific species including Great Crested Newts. Varying shapes, depths and contours can be achieved to comply with specifications and approved designs as part of written licensed GCN translocation work.


Some of our pond works include...

Lining of ponds where ground conditions do not guarantee water retention

Import of water for ponds when time cannot allow for natural filling

Supply and planting of aquatic and marginal plants

Coir roll installation

Supply and installation of safety signage equipment

Creation of shallow scrapes

Seeding of pond margins

Creation of bunds and mounds

Habitat management

Ecolibrium delivers all of its habitat management with a very experienced and well-resourced team of contractors. We have a proven track record of providing cost effective and long lasting habitat management services. The team take a real pride in their work and attention to detail is paramount. We have experience in working in designated areas such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) and Special Area’s of Conservation (SAC’s), which require a sensitive approach.


From the first enquiry through to the completion of works there will be one main point of contact for each individual project to ensure continuity and a very high level of customer care. We are able to carry out a number of different scale projects from habitat creation works, Flood alleviation schemes, sensitive site clearance and de-vegetation works, countryside management and tree works and smaller private client projects. Each project will be approached with the same careful planning and design regime needed to ensure success.


Habitat Managements and Enhancements include:

  • Tree and Hedgerow Planting

  • Flood Alleviation Schemes

  • Tree Felling, Pollarding and Coppicing.

  • Scrub Control

  • Sensitive Vegetation Clearance

  • Invasive Species Control and Weed Spraying

Tree Surgery, Arboriculture & Woodland Management


We provide many aspects of high quality tree care including; dismantling, felling, pruning,
stump grinding and legal advice. Our tree surgeons are fully qualified and
insured to carry out all works to the current industry standards: BS: 3998: (2010 British
Standard Tree Work Recommendations).

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that your expectations and requirements
are fulfilled. Our team can guide you through each process and you can rest assured that
every tree will receive a high level of care.

Whenever possible we will also aim to utilise any waste materials from our tree works to
benefit other wildlife. Examples of this include building hibernacula’s out of left over logs,
and insulating them with any site won wood chippings. These offer spaces where
amphibians, small mammals and reptiles can seek refuge from predators, or as a space for
hibernating over cold or winter periods.


Woodlands are an extremely valuable ecosystem for a wide array of wildlife. They require a high level of care and management to ensure that future generations of people and wildlife are able to utilise and enjoy them. Ecolibrium have experience in the management of woodlands and can offer the following services, both domestically and on plantations and estates.

Services Include:

  • Hard wood and Soft wood thinning

  • Careful selection of long lived native species such as Oak, Beech, Hornbeam and Ash to remain in situ

  • Creation of woodland rides and glades for access and improved habitat diversity

  • Clear Felling

  • Tree Planting Schemes

  • Coppicing of selected species

  • Brushwood and dead wood piles

  • Spraying application and invasive species control

  • Supply and installation of bird and bat boxes

  • Conservation Area and Tree Preservation Order Applications

  • Tree Advice

  • Pollarding

  • Crown Lifting

  • Formative Pruning

  • Crown Reduction

  • Crown Thinning




Ecolibrium are able to provide clients with detailed and well thought out drawings and design proposals. Many of our projects require planning consents and specialist licences, therefore detailed surveys, cross sections and long section drawings and photographs may be required in order to obtain environmental permits. From an initial site walk over we can thoroughly map and plan out your project to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.


At Ecolibrium we feel that it is imperative to be able to visit every enquiry. This is why we will always aim to do a site walkover prior to any job that we do, no matter what the distance.
Every site visit is free of charge and in this time we can offer our expert opinion and give tailored advice to each and every potential client.


Obtaining licences and planning consents can be disconcerting and often challenging. It can take time finding out which is the correct permit that applies to you? Ecolibrium has experience in applying for various consents from statutory bodies, saving you time and money. We can anticipate any potential delays and will liaise with the relevant parties on your behalf.


Site Clearance Services

If you have a site that needs to be prepared for development then Ecolibrium can help. We have many years of experience clearing sites in advance of construction works taking place. With a total understanding of how to approach the sensitive clearance of trees, hedgerows and dense vegetation, we can plan and implement vegetation clearance works safely, with minimal disruption to wildlife.


We can provide site clearance and tree removal services on an array of sites including construction, rail, commercial and on private land. Ecolibrium undertake all types of vegetation clearance from small scale methods using hand tools to large mechanised site clearance using low ground pressure plant. We have experience of being on ecologically sensitive sites and due to the frequency of working with other ecologists, our knowledge and approach to sensitive de-vegetation works is excellent.

In addition to this our contractors hold valid SMSTS, SSSTS, CSCS and NPORS certifications to carry out any clearance works.

  • Scrub Control and clearance of natural re-generation

  • Clearance of vegetation in ecologically sensitive areas (Where protected species are present).

  • Invasive species control and selective spraying

  • Tree Felling

  • Coppicing of specific species

  • Tree Pollarding

  • Mulching and wood chipping

  • Stump Grubbing and Removal

  • Hedgerow removal and clearance