We have specialist experience in the design and delivery of a wide range of in channel restoration and habitat works for riparian landowners. For our projects to be successful we ensure that the utmost thought goes into the planning stage before any works can be implemented and maintained.

Ecolibrium works closely with the Environment Agency and Natural England to ensure that all of our projects have minimal impacts on the natural environment and follow current environmental law and policies.

We undertake projects for individual clients on private land and estates with projects ranging from:

  • Erosion Control and Bank Protection

  • Fish Passage Easements

  • Fish By Pass Channels

  • River Dipping Platforms

  • Aquatic and Marginal Planting

  • Invasive species control

  • Bed Level Raising

  • Re-meandering

  • Channel Narrowing

  • Bank Regrading

  • Flood Plain Re-Connection

  • Installation of flow deflectors

  • Course woody debris (CWD) and Large woody debris (LWD) installation

  • Riffle Creation

  • Weed Cutting

  • Wetland Scrape Creation 

  • On-line and off-line Ponds

Wildlife Ponds

Not only are wildlife ponds an attractive feature but they also support a wide range of species which rely upon them. Ecolibrium can create a variety of ponds for specific species including Great Crested Newts. Varying shapes, depths and contours can be achieved to comply with specifications and approved designs as part of written licensed GCN translocation work.

  • Lining of ponds where ground conditions do not guarantee water retention

  • Import of water for ponds when time cannot allow for natural filling

  • Supply and planting of aquatic and marginal plants

  • Coir roll installation

  • Supply and installation of safety signage equipment

  • Creation of shallow scrapes

  • Seeding of pond margins

  • Creation of bunds and mounds