Obtaining licences and planning consents can be disconcerting and often challenging. It can
take time finding out which is the correct permit that applies to you? Ecolibrium has experience in applying for various consents from statutory bodies, saving you time and money. We can anticipate any potential delays and will liaise with the relevant parties on your behalf. Below are some of the permits that we are used to dealing with:

Environmental Permit for Flood Risk Activities (previously Flood Defence Consent)

As of 6th April 2016 Flood Defence Consents have been replaced by an Environmental Permit for Flood Risk Activities.

This only applies to main rivers, to see if this applies to you click here.

We can advise on whether your works are covered by an exemption, standard rules permit or bespoke permit.

You may need an environmental permit for flood risk activities if you want to do work:

  • In, under, over or within 8m of a main river (including where the river is in a culvert)
  • On or near a flood defence on a main river
  • In the flood plain of a main river
  • On or near a sea defence

We produce all required plans / drawing, environmental risk assessment and management systems. We ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible. It is vital to get applications in early as there can be a delay of up to four months in obtaining consent approval.

Land Drainage and Ordinary Watercourse Consent

Watercourses that are not main river are classed as an ‘ordinary watercourse’.

This includes streams, drains and ditches. The responsibility for these waterbodies varies across the UK, in many cases this lies with local authorities however some areas are managed by local Internal Drainage Boards.

Riparian owners, developers, and all other persons proposing to carry out any works affecting a watercourse are required to obtain land drainage or ordinary watercourse consent from lead local flood authority before the work commences. We can obtain these consents on your behalf, carrying out all liaison with the relevant

Felling Licence

We arrange relevant consents for tree works ranging from small private properties in conservation areas to large restoration sites.

There are two types of licence:

  • Application for tree works subject to Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or tree works in a conservation area. This is managed by the local authorities.
  • If felling trees not covered by a TPO or within a conservation area you will require a felling licence unless you meet certain criteria for exemptions.