Ecological Contracting is an integral part of development schemes where protected species or habitats are present. Our specialists are able to provide expert advice on Ecological Mitigation, Biodiversity Gain, and Ecological Enhancement. We understand that there are time constraints with regards to development schemes, which is why we  work hard to ensure that this element is delivered and fits within the timescales of your projects. We can do this by getting to you quickly and offering the best advice to avoid time delays, whilst also adding value and having an overall positive effect on the ecology and biodiversity of the site.


Wildlife is facing many challenges with the ever increasing need for affordable housing,
commercial developments and infrastructure building. This is why here at Ecolibrium we
work closely with external ecological consultancies and freelance ecologists to enable successful mitigation projects. We have experience in the delivery of mitigation projects
across many challenging sites.



Ecolibrium offer the following forms of mitigation and Contracting:

  • Great Crested Newt & Reptile Fencing for Site Isolation

  • Protected Species Trapping and Translocation

  • Wildlife Pond & Lake Creations

  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECOW)

  • Hibernacula Construction

  • Tree and Hedgerow Planting

  • Tree Protection Fencing

  • Grassland Translocation

  • Wildflower Meadow and Other Seeding

  • Bird and Bat Box Installation

  • Artificial Badger Sett Construction

  • Water Vole Fencing